Don't Leave Your Drug Crimes Case To Chance

When a drug charge escalates beyond simple possession into the realm of intent, sale or manufacturing, it is all but guaranteed that the punishment will include more than 30 days in jail. These types of cases can and do involve 10-year misdemeanor charges as well as felonies with short-term sentences. Each case is completely contextual and is heavily dependent on the circumstances of the case.

Because of the complexity and stakes in these charges, an experienced lawyer cannot be overrated if you or a loved one has been charged with a possession with intent, sale or manufacturing crime.

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

Depending on the issues involved in these cases, there may be different factors and probation issues that are unrelated to magistrate court. As such, it is critical to ideally protect your rights and form the optimal game plan for maintaining convenience and quality of life as well as personal and professional opportunities. Because we have been working on drug charges for more than 29 years, we are ready to bring a comprehensive knowledge and hands-on approach to any case and work toward the best possible outcome.

As with all criminal charges, an ideal resolution can only come from deliberate and decisive action to protect your rights. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

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